Longing for your favorite shows to make a comeback? The wait is close to over. Many new and returning shows make their debut this week. We’ve gathered a lot of fun ways to keep track of your favorite shows and look forward to a few of our own! Happy viewing!

NuLink On Demand Schedule: NuLink Video on Demand allows you to watch your favorite programming on your schedule. Choose from a library of VOD programming always updated with new release movies, kids’ shows, sports, news, music and events, most of it for FREE. With NuLink VOD you can also pause, fast-forward and rewind your programs. And, you can even save VOD programs and watch them as many times as you want, for up to 24 hours.
NuLink VOD is included with all Digital Cable packages, just go to channel 1 and start experiencing the convenience of TV on your schedule.

TV Guide Fall Preview: TV Guide has amassed the Fall schedule and has it ready for your viewing pleasure.

Entertainment Weekly: Wondering what to watch on your NuLink cable? Entertainment Weekly online offers weekly editor picks that showcases both returning and fresh programming.

Internet Options: With NuLink’s super-fast Internet service, you don’t have to be tied to your TV. Most of the major networks offer their shows for free on their main websites. You can watch at your leisure on your home PC. Here are a few other sites to check out:

However you choose to access your personal Fall programming, we wish you happy viewing!

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Business phone, internet and cable in Newnan-Coweta

Are your customers happy to see you? We can help.

NuLink does more than provide all of your residential communication needs – we also offer those same services to our business and commercial colleagues.  Providing customers in your business facility with the same modern conveniences and comforts they are able to enjoy at home has never been easier.  One thing we have learned as a business is the importance of making your customers feel comfortable and “at home”.

What does NuLink offer commercial buildings and businesses?

NuLink offers all of the same essential services to residential and business addresses.  These include:

  1. High Speed Internet: With lightning fast speeds and NuLink’s fiber optic network, you will never have to worry about slow load times and unreliable connectivity again. If you’d like, let’s talk about how you can provide courtesy wi-fi to your customers, too. (For tips on keeping your wireless access safe, check out this article.)
  2. Business Phone Systems: Telephone services are a must in practically every industry.  Still the main tool of communication between customer and business, the phone systems implemented should be up to the challenge.  Our Matrix product is a fully integrated phone solution that includes ultra-reliable, feature-rich phone service and state-of-the-art telephone equipment.  And because our systems use bandwidth rather than the typical phone lines, you will have the peace of mind knowing none of your calls are being missed.
  3. Digital Cable Television: Give your customers an experience they won’t forget with NuLink’s Digital Cable.  From showing newly released movies in your waiting room to showing top news and information to your shopping customers – NuLink’s digital programming is sure to impress.

NuLink can provide your business with all the communication services you need for a great working environment.  And with our bundling service discounts, you can actually save money while doing so.

So give us a call today at (770) 683-6988 to receive more information on how NuLink can provide you with a custom solution to fit your communication needs.  You can also find more details on our many services on the web at NuLinkDigital.com



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Newnan-Coweta Wireless Internet

Tips to keep your home wireless network safe.

Thinking about creating a wireless Internet environment for your family and guests? Check out these tips to stay safe and secure online.

Because of today’s technology, you and your family have the freedom to work and play online anywhere in the house or even on the deck or patio. NuLink’s Internet service is blazing fast, so why not extend that service to the rest of the devices in the household?

If you are ready to make the move to a wireless network, we’ve got a few tips to ensure your safety. Now, no wireless network is totally safe and cannot be completely secured, so even if you follow best practices, know that hackers are always trying to stay one step ahead. Even so, if you choose to go wireless, a few commonsense tips can help.

1) Update your home PCs: Before you install a wireless network, make sure the devices you’ll be connecting with have updated security and virus software. Install all recommended security updates, too. If you have a Windows device, visit the Microsoft Support page for more info.

2) Name your wireless network: Once you install the wireless router, change the default wireless network name or SSID. Your router software should prompt you to name the network. Don’t use anything personal. Remember, people driving by or the neighbors across the street could see your network name. Don’t use social security numbers, personal names or other identifiable information.

3) Change the default password: Some routers come with a default password. Check your instructions, or go through the installation wizard, and ensure you change it! Again, use something that includes both upper and lower case and is not easily guessed.

4) Consider guest access: Many routers offer you the opportunity to set up guest access. That means that when you have someone over, they have their own access to the Internet but they cannot see your network or the devices connected to it. Check the instructions on your router for more information.

5) Don’t give out your password: Sounds logical, doesn’t it? But if you choose to not provide guest access and you give visitors or guests the password to your whole network, they could log on later, too. Your network could be vulnerable if the password is not changed regularly, is easily guessed, or is shared.

A wireless network is a great way to engage the whole family and enjoy every space in your home while still playing games or working.  Don’t be afraid to “get wired” but be wise and ensure you are as secure as you can be.

Happy surfing!

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Sep 062011
Get Access to New Fall TV Lineup and Cable

NuLink offers the best Fall TV delivered your way.

With the fall lineup of shows about to kick back off in September, now is the perfect time to switch to NuLink’s Digital Cable Services!


Why should you make the switch to NuLink Digital Cable?

  1. Quality: NuLink offers 250 sports, movies, family, and local entertainment channels that feature crystal clear picture and sound. You will never have to suffer through poor quality picture and sound again. http://nulinkdigital.com/channels.php?nav_ID=10&pkg=Expanded%20%2B%20Digital&order=ch_ID)
  2. Programming Guide: An intuitive, user-friendly programming guide allows you, as the user, to easily and quickly locate your favorite programs and channels.  No more fumbling through a difficult, poorly planned programming guide again.
  3. Parental Controls: Do you have children in the home?  Our parental controls are a favorite feature among NuLink customers, and for good reason.  Parental controls allow you to filter age-appropriate programming for your entire family.
  4. Music Galore: Do you love music?  Enjoy 48 channels of all of your favorite genres 24 hours a day with our Music Choice feature.
  5. Pay-Per-View: Are you tired of driving to the movie rental stores/kiosks and having to pay late fees for your movie rentals?  With NuLink’s Digital Cable, you are given access to hundreds of pay-per-view movies, sports, and entertainment events.  Never experience a late fee again.
  6. Premium Channels: With NuLink Digital Cable, you could have access to over 30 premium channels filled with the newest, latest movies and television series!
  7. Video On Demand: Are you ready to never miss your favorite shows again?  NuLink’s Video On Demand allows you to watch your favorite shows whenever you want! (hyperlink: http://nulinkdigital.com/nulink_info.php?nav_ID=68)

If you want better quality, more channels and more entertainment at a BETTER value, than the choice is easy! NuLink Digital Cable is for you.

For more information on our many convenient services and exceptional products – give us a call at 770-683-6988.  Don’t forget to ask about our bundled services packages. You can save money when you bundle two or more services!


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Sep 012011
NuLink Cable, Internet, Phone

Follow us and see What's On!

Welcome to the NuLink blog. As an active member of the community, we felt it was a great time to provide a forum for updates, insight and community information. Here you’ll find great info on the Fall lineup, improvements and innovation in cable, Internet and phone services, and super info about the community.

Be sure to check the About page for info on the management of the blog. This is a community resource and we want it to be positive for all readers and contributors. We look forward to hearing from you about your favorite digital shows, games, videos and more.


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